Top Single Speed Bikes

Bikes are very convenient for short errands. Broadly, bikes can be geared or not geared. Single speed bikes have a single gear ratio, while multi-geared bikes feature hub gearing, derailleur systems and other components that form the gearing system. Each of these types of bikes have its own advantages and disadvantages.

When you are looking for top single speed bikes, look at the frame, the fork, headset, handle bar, chain rink crank and the bottom bracket. Look also at the wheels, the hubs and the tires, without forgetting the brakes and the pedals. Each of these components should be designed to enhance the comfort of the reader. For instance, its frame should be made of high tensile steel fully tig-welded, remembering that the frame should be the strongest part of the bike. The headsets and handle bars should also be customer friendly.

Single Speed Bike

It is important to note that bikes are available in various types and designs. There are some designs that are suitable for women and others for men. There are even unisexual designs that can be used by anybody. Single sped bikes also come in various sizes. There are small sizes for children and medium/large sizes for adults. Children find it very interesting to pedal and balance themselves of a bicycle, and that is why it is important to buy children bikes especially when they are in the pre-teen years. In fact, most adults love single speed bikes simply because they are nostalgic.

Single speed bikes are mechanically simpler than multi-geared bikes. This means that they are cheaper and easier to maintain as well. They are easy to operate, since as long as you know how to pedal and balance yourself, you will be able to ride the bike with ease. You will just need to cycle at low speed if you are new to cycling, then proceed to higher speeds when you get used. The simple design of single speed bikes also makes them lighter and more fun to use. They allow you to exercise your body even as you continue having fun. However, they are not as useful as their multi-speed counterparts over mountains or rugged terrain.

Buying top single speed bikes.

If you are looking for top single speed bikes, you can get them online. Online shopping will have the advantage of comparing prices and specifications of various models and types so that you can pick the best. You can also compare pricing and after sales service packages offered, so that you can make your purchase a real bargain. Choose size wisely, bearing in mind that the bike is durable and can be used over a long period of time.

Concisely, if you love thrill and adventure, you can get it with a single speed bike. There is no denying that the gearing technology and the general design of multi-speed bikes are admirable, since it allows the rider to traverse through various terrains. This does not mean that single bikes do not have advantages over these multi-speed bikes. Generally, you choose a certain type of a bike because it will serve your specific needs.